Trailblazer, Trax drive up GM Korea’s exportsSeoul shares open higher despite US losses[Hello Indonesia] Hyundai Motor vows to steer Indonesia's transition to EVs[Today’s KKB chief vows to nurture AI talentsPosco to start search for new chief김용민 “尹, 총선 승리하면 계엄 선포할 것…저지선 확보해야”Koreans will 'freeze to death' for iced Americanos even in winter[KH explains] Hyundai to sell vehicles on Amazon in US sales pushKorean banks at risk of W3tr in losses in HK Seoul subway workers vote for strike plan 오세훈, ‘TBS 폐지’ 묻자 “그런 일 생겨서는 안 돼” USS Carl Vinson deploys for Indo US strategic bomber B Seoul subway on verge of strike 탄약 찾는 러…국방부 "北컨테이너 적재량, 포탄 수십만발 분량" Biden says Hamas must be eliminated, US officials warn war could escalate 'Apgujeong Box Girl' sparks online debate 윤 대통령 “국민소통·현장소통·당정소통 강화하라” Beef prices have soared 100 Yoon, doctors set to clash over medical school quota Over 1,300 rescue workers still traumatized by Itaewon Halloween tragedy 이준석, 눈물의 회견…尹대통령 향해 "與 묵언 수행 저주 풀라" Cast of ‘Norma’ says opera difficult to sing but easy to enjoy S. Korea set to open largest [Contribution] Why hope matters in climate crisis [Korea Beyond Korea] In Paris, soaring demand for Korean studies yet to be fully met HiteJinro to produce soju in Vietnam FSC lays out plan to boost pet insurance enrollment [view] 민심 더 싸늘해지는데…감동 없는 김기현 2기